Go For It Training Staff

Jarrod Johnson

I opened Go For It Personal Training Studio with one goal in mind, and that was how to help people transform their lives. Through determination and a positive outlook, I believe that anyone can acheive their fitness goals.

Before becoming a certified Personal Trainer and business owner, my own fitness journey started out as an experiment. I knew the results that I had gotten aftser 25 years of living an unhealthy lifestyle, and I was interested to see what small changes in my activity and diet would yield in my confidence and energy levels.

Throughout the years, I've transformed my entire life by building on these small changes, and I can help you achieve your goals as well.

Jarrod Johnson
Andrew Brooker

Andrew Dench

Although I joined the Navy as a Chef in 2004, I enjoyed the physical training that was part of the job, and I often spent my free time in the gym, whether at the base or on the flight deck at sea.

Initially I focused on weight training, cycling and calisthenics, but after I joined a local Boxing Gym, my new-found passion for Boxing led me to starting a Boxing club once I ended up back at sea; even dragging my Heavy bag onboard, and finding creative places to hang it!

Food and nutrition is another passion of mine, and after the Navy when I moved to the United States I started to teach cooking classes with an emphasis on healthy and satisfying food.

However I never lost my interest in fitness, even taking time to travel with my wife to Wisconsin to watch the 2017 and 2018 Crossfit games. After qualifying through the ISSA in 2019 as a Personal Trainer, I joined GFI Fitness where I look forward to sharing my experience and passion with others!

Destin Brooker

I got into my first exercise program when I started 7th grade football and I instantly fell in love. I was constantly using the local track to hit sprints and flip tires. I bought my own weight bench and then the love became so much more.

One day, I randomly realized how addicted I became to working out and helping out others, so I decided to go out and get my personal training certification through the International Sports Sciences Association. My certification will always be my second proudest accomplishment, right after my transformation.

If you want real results, ask me how I did it.

Destin Brooker